This I Believe

Ludmyla - Brookline, Massachusetts
Entered on April 30, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in loving people as if there were no tomorrow, and by this I really mean loving them unconditionally.

Throughout my life I’ve had some very challenging situations which gave me the idea that you’ve got to appreciate each and every moment with those who are important to us, I mean those people who make a big difference in our lives. We need to value our time with them and show them how important they are to us.

It still hurts me to even talk about it, but in the winter of 2007 I lived through one of the most difficult events of my life, which was when I lost my grandfather. From this challenging event I learned that you don’t know when a loved one will go so must love them deeply and sincerely. I learned this not because I didn’t spend much time with him, or I didn’t show my love as much as I felt. I am saying this because at the time he was here with me, I didn’t really realize the importance of my actions, but now that he’s gone I feel good about my relationship with him because now I know that I showed my love to him and I’m pretty sure he left me knowing that.

That is kind of the support you get when someone you love leaves you, because imagine how terrible it might feel to know you’re not going to have a last chance to say to that person, I love you. And just know I could really see why it’s important to show your appreciation to those people.

From all things that have happened to me, I have come to believe that if there’s one thing that supports you in whatever situation you’re facing, it is LOVE, and I’m talking about all kinds of love. When I say love people, I mean loving all of the humanity, loving everybody as if it were the last day of your life. Even the small gestures are important, I mean like helping your brother with his troubles, spending more time with your family, going on vacation with friends, to sum up, sharing the good times of your life with the ones you care about.

“I love you”, that’s the most beautiful fraise in the world and love is a feeling that everybody gets to know at least once in life. So I believe that we should grab the opportunity we have today while we can.