Robert - saugus, Massachusetts
Entered on April 30, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

A headline on the National Enquirer screams “Britney Spears: A Lesbian?”, an advertisement states “Subway Sandwiches will help you lose weight” or “The bird flu the new Black Plague”. Americans are constantly thrown these statements and they believe them. This is why I believe that people are gullible.

Ever since I was little I was constantly aware of the semi lack of awareness people around me showed. All the time I’d hear my mother talk about the tabloids and how all these things were going on in a world she knew nothing about. Even today she watches television thinking that “reality TV” is just that.

My main belief would be people who tune into “The Hills” are the most gullible. This TV show has corrupted many peoples perception of reality. In this show we have a group of rich, snooty girls and their love interests stooping around their cities and getting everything they want with an extreme overdose of situational drama. But even with this completely over dramaticised world being portrayed on MTV of all places, people continue to believe that life in Beverly Hills is just that, overloads of drama, and the key to everything you desire out of life.

My mother is a prime example of this gullibility factor. Day in and day out she watches this show and tells me about how “Spencer’s leaving!” or “ They’re breaking up!” as if their not just rich kids who are getting paid to spice up their lives and work for million dollar companies to give a false perception of how they live. Even after disproving all this shows integrity with powerful and thoughtful research (did you or did someone else) she still believes full heartedly that this show displays the true lives of these young adults.

In the idea of keeping this essay positive this is great for the world of advertisements. This idea of the public’s gullibility helps them sell their products, shows, and lifestyles. This is how diets become “all the rage” because we’re told by “famous” people that they work, this is how clothing becomes “a trend” the ad’s depict good looking people wearing them. Bottom line is people are gullible, not necessarily bad, but true, we are all gullible.