I believe in a perfect world

Christina - Leawood, Kansas
Entered on April 30, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

Somewhere out there is a place better than on this earth. Here in this place everyone is friends. It surrounds you with other wonderful people who greet you with a smile and would never make you feel bad about yourself. Any location you go, you see fellowship. It seems everyone’s attitudes have changed and there is no more negativity. Everyone agrees and no one is judged based on their decisions. No more fights and no more war. Everywhere you go there is peace. Everyone is here and they just have a good time. Laughter is always heard no matter where you are.

Can you imagine a perfect world? What does it look like? What do you see? I see friends laughing and having a good time. These friends are all of different back rounds, races, and cultures. They aren’t gossiping or making fun of other people, but enjoying each others company. Everyone knows everyone and treats them all the same. There is no competition to be the best because everyone is equal and no one is less. There is no end to the joy of no pain, no disease, no loneliness, no fear, no doubt, no discomfort, and no death. This is truly a perfect society and place. One that everyone longs for. It is here waiting for us to come through the doors.

This perfect world may no be here on this earth, but I believe it exists and that it is not far. Somewhere there are people waiting for us to enter into this perfect world and be a part of this happiness. I am not sure how they got there or why we are not there currently, but I know that it is not temporary and that it is forever. This place is eternal, it will forever be there, and will surely never end because of global warming. So I will ask you again, can you imagine a perfect world? Who is there? What does it look like? What do you see? I believe this perfect world is heaven.