I Believe

Louis - Shawnee, Kansas
Entered on April 30, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

Are they perfect? Do you see any flaws? I believe no one is perfect. People have problems you may or may not see and I think anyone can learn from them. God didn’t make all of us just right. God created Jesus just because people aren’t flawless! Everyday I see people making mistakes and having problems and I think anyone can take advantage of that. You can always learn something from problems and especially someone else’s.

God loves us so much that he created Jesus to help us follow him. I hear about people with huge problems and that following God has turned their life around. There would be no reason for confession if God made us faithful! Even the first people God created, Adam and Eve, weren’t superb. Their biggest flaw was the lack of trust between themselves and God. I believe that we could all learn something from their misfortune; we need to believe and trust in God as much as we can.

I see people in the in the hallways making mistakes. They are not perfect. Schools are filled with errors themselves. I don’t care at all if people make mistakes. I don’t like it when they do make them but all I care about is if they have learned from them. To me, learning from a fault makes up for the mistake you made in the first place.

I have made my fair share of mistakes. Almost everyday I slip up. Some slip ups are worse than others but still I messed up. I try my best to learn from each and every single one. I try to be a better person by learning from every stumble that me or someone else has made. Slipping up is very easy to do but even easier to learn from.

I believe problems happen all the time. No one has a perfect day, so everyone should be learning something every day. God places barriers in front of people so they learn to overcome them. Without these barriers we wouldn’t be learning anything. When I make a mistake or when a problem has presented it’s self before me; there is something that should be learned, and that is what I believe.