Believe in Socks

Kati - Hinton, Oklahoma
Entered on April 30, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

Personally feet are not my forte – I don’t like looking at them, thouching them, or them touching me. So, naturally, I believe in socks!!

So I do have a foot phobia, in which I do not like them at all, I really only like my own feet. Especially with all the gross fungi going around, why would people walk anywhere without shoes, unless you are begging to catch something? Obviously socks can be protection too!

If you were to ask me my true feelings for socks my answer would be, “Socks make the world a happier place.” There are so many colors and pictures to put on them that they just make me smile! Did you know you could put your face on socks? This realy amazes me. Honstly, I want my face on a sock!

There are some instances, such as swimming, where you can’t wear socks. Would you ever wear socks into a pool? It’s a nice thought, but very much defeats the purpose of socks. Once emerged in water they will not be comfortable or in any way keep your feet warm. Green Day once said, “Never run in the rain with socks on.” When I’m in the water, I miss my wonderful socks.

When I stated that socks are exciting and colorful, it’s really in a subtle way. You don’t have to wear an extremely colorful shirt, or an off-the-wall print skirt to be wild and exciting. Socks you can cover up and only show if you want to. Some people wear long socks with shorts because they want to make a big impression. Others, like me, wear them short where people can’t really see them. I don’t match my socks either. I throw them in my dawer, and in the morning I close my eyes and hope for a random combination. It’s quite fun to se the mis-matched colors on my size 6 foot.

Yes, I do believe socks make the world happier. There is an English proverb that says: “A good beginning make a good ending.” So always put your socks on first.