Less Grease, Less Obese

Juan - Las Vegas, New Mexico
Entered on April 30, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

This I believe: food at McDonalds Should be healthier food. McDonald’s should make food with less grease for all the obese people in the world. Many people like to eat at the many fast food restaurants out there. For those who like eat at fast food restaurants it’s their life. If I could do something about it I would ask them for less greasy food and more healthy food. That is my opinion. The McDonald’s corporation has become a powerful symbol of all the people in service and McDonald’s has 28 thousand restaurants worldwide and opens almost two thousand each year. There is a McDonalds on every US military base. This cannot be good for people. That’s A lot of people eating fast food every day to get a fast lunch and they don’t think of all the fats in the food.

I went McDonald’s and ordered a cheeseburger and fries. When I took a bite and all the grease stuff oozed into my mouth it made me feel sick. They cook all the burgers and fries in grease. It tastes like nothing but fat. Homemade food is better than McDonald’s because all the grease drips off through the grill. And the homemade fries tasted better than McDonald’s. What McDonald’s puts in their food is vary bad for people. In fact, some people will get cancer and die from it not knowing what will happen to them.

Many people are obese from eating fast food. Obesity often causes diabetes heart attack, and cancer. Many people eat fast food every day of their life and don’t realize that eating all that fat and processed food is like a time bomb in their body’s waiting to go off.

Therefore I believe more fast food restaurants like McDonald’s should be aware of the grease they are feeding people to day are making people sick and obese. People should be aware of all the grease and fast food and should cook food at home more often. People need to make better food choices and eat more fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grains less greasy meats and less processed food.