I believe that positive attitude leads to better things

Teresa - Olathe, Kansas
Entered on April 30, 2009
Age Group: 50 - 65

I believe that a positive attitude leads to better things. Hopeful thinking leads to better relations. They show things to look forward to, and to become excited about. Life lived confidently shows leadership and a brighter outlook. Finding the good thing out of the bad creates a more enjoyable surrounding. Being optimistic gives someone something to look forward to, shows a brighter future, and produces an uplifting atmosphere.

Everyone searches for something to look forward to. When in an unenjoyable situation I always look to the future; what do I have to be thrilled about? This anticipation leads to hard work; getting through the hard to reach the easy. The easy is not always simple. Once you complete the difficult you soon come to the reward. By looking ahead fabricates the needed endurance is built up to the point of satisfaction.

The uplifting side of things is usually the happier side. There is always something positive to come out of any situation. Even the darkest and gloomiest experiences can lead to a brighter future. If you are the one to show this inspiring viewpoint you are showing leadership skills. Pushing others to continue on rises their perseverance and ultimately their confidence. The showing of cheerful proceedings effects the views of others.

As stated, positive attitude shows to others an alternative point to negative views. When a negative outlook is displayed or spoken many people become unsatisfied and disappointed. The let down may not even be necessary; especially if the happenstance is looked through sanguine eyes. If an optimistic view is put into the scene then many people are grateful and appreciative. Either the sensing of disappointment or acceptance is shown as an effect to the perspective displayed. The reception of circumstances is followed by an enjoyable surrounding.

All of these aspects of positive actions leads to the happiness of others. The determination of others to complete a goal may be created by someone’s positive outlook. This persistence to do good produces a bright future for the uplifting individuals. This auspicious time to came may bring to many joyous occasions and satisfying company. The definite outcome of positive reaction leads to delightful relations.