Stay True

Evan - Bedford, New York
Entered on April 30, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

Have you ever been told a secret? Have you ever made a self note? On a daily basis people tell me things that I am not supposed to tell anyone else. Sometimes I can’t bear to not tell anyone. I bet sometimes they go to another person and tell them what I told the person. Over time true or not true facts can get added to the story. You can hurt other people by making things up that are not true. You can really hurt someone if you don’t keep things to yourself that you have been told. To avoid this, stay true to your words. I believe in staying true. If someone tells you something that you’re not supposed to tell anyone else, don’t tell anyone else.

I have a big problem with not staying true to my words. From studying for tests to a friend telling me something I shouldn’t tell anyone else. A lot of times I say I am going to do something but I don’t end up doing it. For example, my friend tells me something I am not supposed to tell anyone else. Sometime after he tells me that secret, I tell someone. It may not be on purpose but I still told the person. They can get mad at you by not staying true to your words and you can hurt them inside. Next time I will try harder to do what I say I am going to do.

Staying true to your words does not always occur between you and you friends or family. Staying true to your words in some cases can be something you tell to yourself. For example, a self note you tell yourself. Sometimes you do not complete to answer that note, For example, I tell myself in my head that I am going to stay after school and then I don’t because I make up an excuse that I understood what happened in class today when I really didn’t understand. A lot of the time we make up excuses to not staying true to another person words or you words. For example, when I say I am going to stay after and then I don’t. I make an excuse to myself, to make me feel better. But really, making an excuse doesn’t help find the solution to not studying. If you didn’t study, you didn’t study. You can’t go back and fix it.

One major incident I had when I did not stay true to my words happened this past year. It had to do with school and not studying for a quiz coming up that week. I did not study when I told myself I would. I knew I should have studied but I made an excuse that I was going to do well on the quiz. It was silent in the room and the teacher came up to me with the quiz. I was frustrated with myself and I new I couldn’t blame it on others or my teacher. When I got my test back one day I felt like I wasn’t staying true to what I said I was going to do.

If you don’t stay true to your words you can hurt yourself and others. It is always good to do what you say you are going to do to make sure you don’t hurt anyone. If you don’t stay true to your words the first time, try harder next time to. At some point you should be able to stay true to your words all the time. I know I am going to try harder to stay true to my words. This I believe.