just go for it

sebastian - bedford, New York
Entered on April 30, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

I’ll never forget the day I went into the warm and welcoming hands of Fox Lane Middle School. It never felt that it was always warm and welcoming. In fact nervous and frustrated but it’s always rough on the first couple of days. But I had got here on the third week of school and I got scared and pretty annoyed that this happened to me. When I got to school during the third week I knew I was lost it was going to be impossible for me to make it is what I thought because of how new I was I didn’t know any of the students where to go how long school is school is supposed to gone is what I thought. I was completely lost and there was no doubt to it.

There were so many kids I didn’t know and I didn’t know where to go or how things worked either. That is until I made some friends who helped me get to know the place better. In a couple of weeks I felt I was a student that was trapped here for 50 years I knew every crack, turn, stop, and room . I really do owe it to my friends for helping me because if it wasn’t for my friends I wouldn’t be where I am today. It was real thoughtful of what they did for me but it’s nothing they wouldn’t do for anyone else because they are kind and understanding. They knew what I was going through very well so they helped me.

Whenever I think back to that day it makes me feel great and special and thankful for all they did for me. It’s not the easy helping someone but they felt it was well worth helping me and showing me around. I hoped I’d get better and be able to get on track and not need any help but I didn’t know how things would have progressed until now. So I told you my story but what is it that I believe? I believe in being strong, patient, understanding and nice to those who you don’t know as well as others. This is what I believe and will always be what I believe.