Snowden - bedford, New York
Entered on April 30, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

Be yourself. Everybody wants to be perfect and cool, skinny and strong. Even I would like it sometimes. But sometimes I don’t see the point? I don’t see the real me. I mean cool people are sometimes mean and separate themselves from people not in their group. SO JUST BE YOURSELF!! Don’t be a wannabe. Think before you act. If you wanna swim, swim. If you wanna collect hats, do it. Don’t let other people lead you. Lead yourself. Do what you feel is going to be comfortable with you. I like to draw and paint and other artistic forms of art. I also like to play video games. That’s what feels right with me. I believe that being yourself is okay.

Trying to be someone else isn’t alright. Posing as someone else is like you are coping and following their every move. Like you buy whatever clothing they buy. You are posing as someone else. You might think you are being yourself. Well you are probably not. Do something different for a change. Theirs a chance that there is something different that you never heard before, and there is a chance that you might be good at this particular thing. Try joining the debate club, math club, science club, book fun of and say you are sorry do something for them. club, etc. Or try making new friends or talk about things you really wouldn’t talk about as long you are not talking behind someone’s back or its hurtful. Go up to people you made

I don’t like the idea of social groups and separation. I have to say social groups are almost like segregation. Except skin colors are mixed. Sometimes they are. People get judged on clothing or look, what you do in spare time, money or power, friends or popularity. I think it is unfair people get judged on these subjects. Sometimes you have to hang out with a certain person in the beginning of the school year. I mean like kindergarten. Sometimes the cool kids will ignore what you say. Then they will make cruel jokes about your name. They will talk behind your back. Make rumors about you or what you say, they will try and twist your words around to make you feel stupid and get people thinking that you are stupid. Now, that is mean. This is the truth I have experienced this before. And I don’t want anybody to experience this. Its tuff, but it doesn’t stop. You can try to ignore it. And hopefully it won’t affect your grades. If it’s bothering you, talk to a teacher or a parent, guardian anyone whoever would listen and wont make fun of you and maybe they can work it out.