Kenny - Bedford, New York
Entered on April 30, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: work

I have a question. When was the last time you felt invincible? Well the last time I did was when I was 10 years old. This was my first year that I was playing travel ball for Mt. Kisco. We were playing in Leonard Park against Lewisboro. It was also one of the last games of the regular season. After this game we were going to have a party at my house. This is what we do at the end of every season. However this game was the best game I had all season.

In this game I batted five times. I was the lead off hitter in this game. The first pitch I saw I hit a ground rule double. While I was on base I stole third. Then someone hit me in. We were winning 1 to 0. The second time I came up to bat I hit a triple that scored two runs. My third at bat I came up and worked the count to 2 and 2. Then on the fifth pitch I hit a single to left field. As this was happening I was so happy at how I was doing. Then I stole but I didn’t score because the people after me struck out and then flew out. My fourth at bat I hit another double. I was standing on second and thinking how could this get any better. A little later in the last inning of the game I came up again. I hit it to left field. I got around the bases so fast that I got a triple…. AGAIN!!! While I was rounding second my helmet flew off on the way to third.

The game ended shortly after that with a ground ball to me at shortstop. We won the game mainly because of what I did. I ended up getting 4 RBI’s. Also I got the game ball. About two hours later we had the party at my house with the whole team. The party lasted about five to six hours. It was really fun.

I believe that feeling invincible is a good thing. Not like superman or anything like that. More like where you feel like you can do anything that you want to. This is a great thing to put your mind to. If you want to be good at something put effort into it. However, it takes hard work to be good at something. You always have to be trying harder and pushing yourself more and more to be good at the thing that you want to do. This I believe.