Life Lesson

Jacob - bedford, New York
Entered on April 30, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: love

I Believe in finding love, do you? I have learned a lesson about love here it is. When I was 12 I was with my brother and he was talking to his girlfriend and he said bye ill talk to you tomorrow. And I said was that your friend. He said no, it was my girl friend and I said why didn’t you say I love you and he said something ill never forget he said, “Jacob you should never say I love you unless you really mean it” and I looked him strait in the eyes and said I promised him never in my life would I say I love you unless it really meant something.

That experience changed the way I look at love. I now feel good when it comes to learning some one ill know when to say I love you thanks to my brother, Paul, I feel like it takes a long time to love somebody because the feelings that you feel with one another are really intense and special and I don’t think ill fall in love till I’m much older because it is so complicated and I don’t think I’m mature enough. That is how that experience changed my life.

I have used this lesson when people say I love you and there no related I say ok see you later. And they say why didn’t you say I love you to me and I said its personal and you shouldn’t say I love you unless you really mean it and now I don’t feel that the connection we should be having is there. I’m sorry but ill say it when the time is right. .That is how I used that life lesson to make decisions in my life.

I now feel more comfortable about saying I love you because I now know when to say it. And I now feel better instead of saying I love you when I really don’t mean it so that is why it is better to wait for the right time to I love you and that is how I feel now about saying I love you.