Active Listening

Stephan - Denver, Colorado
Entered on April 29, 2009
Age Group: 30 - 50

When I was a child, I did not listen to other people’s opinions. My mother often told me, “Listen carefully. You should concentrate to listen to other people until his end of the story.” Yes, I could not listen carefully by the end of their story because I can easily suggest what people want to say without listening to the end. Of course my recognition sometimes was different from their intention because I did not listen carefully.

However, I changed my mind when I was a college student. When I joined a group of camp leaders as a volunteer activity, I met a cute and pretty woman by whom I was shocked. Her name is Hiroko. She was a very good listener who can listen to people with not only her ears but also her eyes. When I talk with her, I overwhelmed her strong eye power. (In addition, she was so cute that my heart beats rapidly…) I felt that I could not compare with her at all. At that time, good listeners have a strong power and I want to become a good listener like her.

After that, I attempted to be a good listener. However, my long time bad habit could not be fixed so easily. Originally, I speak more than I listen and I cannot wait without saying what I want to say. I changed my mind. I attempted to look at the speaker’s eye during his or her talk and to listen more actively.

At that time, I got a chance to study in the United States. Due to my poor English ability, I need to concentrate on listening to people’s talk in order to understand what they say. After I begin to listen to other people’s speech carefully, I realized that active listening is not so easy because it requires high concentration.

I realized again that Hiroko’s strong power comes from her great active listening skills. When I listen to other people’s talk actively, I can understand their intention better and they also become talkative and give a lot of information to me. Active listening has a strong power.

I am not sure where and what Hiroko is doing now. If I have a chance, I would like to meet her and I want to let her recognize my active listening skill that I have changed.