I Believe..

Angela - shawnee, Kansas
Entered on April 29, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that God is always there. Even though some people say that seeing is

believing, I totally disagree. The Lord has been with me in every moment of my life and

will until the end of time. Heʼs been there when I broke my arm, when my grandpa

passed away, and when my other grandpa was going through brain surgery and had a

really high risk of dying.

When I broke my arm in the 3rd grade, I was in a lot of pain. Yet, I know that God

was there to help ease it. He took all of my struggles and placed it upon his shoulders.

The Lord was there to comfort me, and tell me that everything was going to be alright.

My grandpa passed away while I was in my momʼs womb. Colon cancer spread

throughout his intestines and caused him to pass away. Knowing that this happened,

hurts because I never really got to meet him.

Grandpa Larson was paralyzed from the waist down from parkinson disease.

Once he was diagnosed, he lived his life for about a year having people dress him and

even push him around to wherever he had to go. A year later, he decided to get brain

surgery so that he would be able to walk again. The risk of him dying was really high.

My grandpa told me that he would rather live a happy life in heaven, than go through

this anymore. My family prayed over him, God listened to our prayers and heʼs still alive


God has always and will remain in my life until the end of time. Heʼs been

through the good and bad times that Iʼve had. He is encouraging and eases my pain just

so that he could make me happy. Which is pretty cool! How many people do you know

that would lay his life down for you just so you can be forgiven and spend a lifetime with

them? Thereʼs only two people that I can think of, Jesus Christ and God.