Be present and go forward

yin - Denver, Colorado
Entered on April 29, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

This I believe assignment

Be present and go ahead

In my view, I am living in an age of confusion. It is difficult for us to differentiate what it right or what is wrong. How should we spend our time? What should I do right now? How to become successful? These questions are difficult to answer because different people differently. Therefore, I feel I don’t need think too much. On the contrary, I should be present and focus on the real assignment. In that case, I can solve problems and make my situation better.

I always try to recall my past experience. For example, I was very silent when I was young. Therefore, my parents always criticized me and said if you continue don’t speak, you future would be grim. Actually, I felt very bad about that. When I grow up, I always tend to recall the unhappy experience because I cannot forget the tough experience and I also try to learn something from the experience. However, after too much thinking, I find I get nothing.

Sometimes, I also worry about my future. Do I really like my major? Can I find a good job after graduation? I doubt my ability and afraid that I cannot accomplish tasks. However, finally I find that most of what I think is meaningless and ridiculous. I still don’t have a good job. I waste a lot of time to think but nothing is changed. Therefore, I am sure I should do something. First, I begin to work hard to study the courses and improve my GPA. Second, I spend more time to search job on the internet. I also join many job fairs. When I got an interview, I prepare it very well. Finally I get the internship and I make a progress. Thus, I think action takes the central stage.

The world is complex. It is usually for me to feel confuse, but I don’t worry about that. I am my own person and it is difficult for me to change myself. I believe I don’t need recall my past experience and don’t need worry about the future. What I really need is focus on my real assignments.

When I focus on the specific task, I feel very comfortable and I know I am learning something, thus, I feel I make a really progress and that is what I really want. I must do if I want to solve problems. I try to process information quickly and make decisions. I don’t like hesitation. In sum, I believe I should focus on presence and go ahead. In my view, future must be better and everything will be okay.