Emily - Lenexa, Kansas
Entered on April 29, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

Everyone wants to have control of their own life, not having others telling them what to do. People have often been misled to believe freedom is doing whatever you want, whenever you want. Freedom is actually about wanting all the goods and not letting the internal constraints or sin misguide you to something other than the good. God gave us freewill, which is the ability to choose between good and evil and determine our own future. However, He made us with freedom, allowing us to only choose the good. The best way I can explain it is that God knows all. He knows the choices I will make, and all the sins I will commit before I am even born. In a way my choices are already set, but I still have the ability to choose God and love others through my actions. The reason I was given freewill is so that not even God could decide if I loved him, but in my heart freedom chooses the good; God.

I truly believe that I desire freedom because it is a part of my heart that saves room for God. When He is not there, I am never complete. Sometimes in choosing evil I think that it could be the easy way out, but I end up making the situation even worse. Whenever I sin, I feel guilty because I knew in my heart that it was wrong. When I choose good even in the simplest way, I feel the goodness wash over me. And I know, I was called to do it. In our world, freedom is in our hearts. We all come together affecting each other in each action. Even when we are misguided, we know in our hearts what is good. As long as that feeling of love and freedom exists people will choose good, love, and God.

In the end, freedom is not about you and what you deserve, but rather what you should give others. We were made different than the animals because we have a higher calling to respond to God and say, “I love you.” The earth was set up so that we would have time to choose God. He does not force himself upon us, but He stays a close distance ready to catch us from our falls and give us another chance to love him. In his love we are completely free.