Why I believe in God

Matthew - Kansas City, Kansas
Entered on April 29, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

Everyone has their own beliefs and values. I believe in God. Of the many reasons I do trust in God a few are: it is only logical, we exist, and how could something have fooled millions of people since practically the beginning of time?

It’s only logical to believe in God. Why not believe in Him? We have evidence in our everyday lives; He exists. I once struggled with my beliefs, but I took the time to notice all the good that happens amongst the bad things in life. I took a look at my surroundings; observing the world around me. Sure everyone suffers, but it is part of life. You will meet many people in life; some are alright, others you dislike.

If there was no God, then how did intelligent life come into existence? Some big explosion in outer space? If that was true, there was something that caused it and created the end results. Perhaps a something or someone that was always was and always will be? What else could this be besides someone like a god. Or maybe God?

There are many stories of how the world came to be. Nearly all of them involve a Creator, a supernatural person that created everything. The Indians, the Greeks, the Romans have different versions of the creation story, but they all have one thing in common. At least one being was behind the creation of the world. Many different religions sprung up from these stories. Christianity, Judaism, and others have their origins in the creation story from the Bible; that of Adam and Eve. Both Christianity and Judaism believe in one God. Both of these religions are very old in the world. How could millions of people be fooled for thousands of years by beliefs like these if they weren’t true?

There must be a God for all these reasons and more. How else would you explain the Resurrection and the Ascension? How else would you explain the Children of Fatima and other similar miracles without concluding there must be a God?