Stronger with God

Valentina - Lincoln, Nebraska
Entered on April 29, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

In my past I have been emotionally abused by my parents, they never taught me how to love someone or love God. When I was four years old I was adopted by the family that always put me down because I made mistakes like any other kid, but my adopted mother saw me as a future trouble maker and told me that it was a mistake to ever have called me her daughter. When they turned me away I felt alone and un-loved. During freshman year through junior year of high school I blamed God for everything and I hated Him for the pain that He caused me. I realized during those years of high school that I was very weak in faith, love, and hope. I didn’t see myself living a Christian life or even living. I gave up on God, and I thought He also gave up on me but I was wrong. He was still there holding my hand and not letting go.

In my life I have always juggled my faith in God. There were times when I could not get up from the ground that I’ve fallen on. I cried because I think of how horrible this life was and how I wanted to change it, but I was too afraid to change who I was.

The first time that I felt my faith going somewhere is when I was in Mexico, and seeing all the miracles that He performed to people who didn’t even know God. Since the missionary trip to Mexico, I’ve felt like my faith grew for the first time, I felt God in my life and I’ve noticed that I was happy for the first time.

Over the years God has put me through the toughest challenges that I could have ever imagined for a teenager. God is someone who is very mysterious in many ways, He will guide you through those challenges. I don’t know what challenges await for me in the future, but I am excited. God will always be the one who I can rely on, He taught me how to be strong, and He taught me how to unload the burdens that drag me down. God has taught me to be patient with life, love and hope. He has taught me not to give up on him, even when it takes forever to have a prayer answered. I know that God loves me and I love Him with all my heart. My heart is stronger with God, and I can face anything now without any fears or worries. He tells me to be happy and free.