I believe in Lifetime Running

Sidney - Cincinnati, Ohio
Entered on April 29, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: sports

For almost eight years, I’ve been able to call myself a runner. At first, not a very good runner, but now, I am somewhat competitive. For eight years, I’ve done a sport that I can see myself doing for the next forty years. I have always fit into running. It is my lifetime sport. This past Christmas, 2008, I received a gift that summed up, why I was a running and what I believed in the inscription that said, “If you are a runner forever, you’ll never regret it.”

The Christmas of 2008, my father gave me the book, Once a Runner and in the front cover wrote, “If you are a runner forever, you’ll never regret it.” After eight years, I don’t think anything could have summed up my life more appropriately.

I started running in the sixth grade. I had tried every sport before, nothing fit, but with running, I was like a fish in water. After three years of competing. I thought I was ready for the spring state meet, in which I was running the 1600m race. That race, I ran the slowest time I had ran in a long time. I was hurt, ashamed, and embarrassed. As an eighth grader, I decided to quit right before I joined the high school cross country team.

After a month and a half of not running, I was anxious to start running again. So I started to run with the high school team. I was instantly a fish in water again and everything came back naturally. For four years, I was apart of the top seven best runners on the team and for the later half I was the third best runner.

My senior year, things were not clicking like they used to. I wasn’t racing well, and my calves were not in the best of shape. I started to wonder if I was really cut out to be a college runner. It had been my dream to run in college and I wasn’t sure if I was able to accomplish that anymore. Also, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to accomplish that anymore. I decided to give it one more year.

One year later, I stand, a college runner, not regretting my decision to keep my spirit alive through runner.

After eight years, I have finally realized that I am a runner, true to form. Thus, I believe that if I’m a runner forever, I will never regret it.