Your Future Is Decided By Who You Believe In

Ricky - Northfield, Minnesota
Entered on April 28, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

I think that one’s future is decided by who you believe in. Faith and endurance plays a vital role in one’s future. I believe that if I trust in God and believe, that He will answer my prayers of what i want for my future. My mom has been praying and teaching me to pray and ask God that I do better in school. I started talking more to her about God and the things I want for my future. I know she has been praying for my grades to get better. She has also been praying that I focus on my education and the things that should be important to me.

I think that if you believe in something strong enough and long enough it will come to past. I prayed along with my mother. We both have seen a change in my behavior and my work. The instructions you follow determine the future you create. If you ask God to change something and you’re obedient to it, it will come to pass.

I know if I want something bad enough and do the things to accomplish that dream, God will show that whatever you believe in can happen. I believe that one day I will be a very successful man. I belive that I can accomplish whatever I set out to do. I believe that if I stay focused on my work and God, I will be who I want to be.

My future is decided by who i believe in. If i believe in God, He will give me my hearts desire. I believe in him and I believe that my future is determined by who and what I believe in. So, I’m putting my future in God’s hand.