Perspective is Key

Mary-Lynne - Phoenix, Arizona
Entered on April 28, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe the saying “everything happens for a reason” is very true. What people fail to see is the fact that there are different ways to look at everything that happens.

My mom was sick and after her surgery she was told she would never walk again and if she happened to she would always need some sort of assistance. Through hard work, dedication and prayer, however, she was able to overcome that and now is able to walk by herself. For so long the only thing I could see was the fact that my mom was different than she used to be and that things would never be the same. I never once was able to see that she overcame a huge challenge in her life; I never once wanted to see that. The fact that I never looked at the positive that came from everything made it hard for me to deal with the whole situation.

After a few years of growing up and maturing, I realized that I was sad a lot of the time because all I did was look at the bad things that were happing in my life. Because of this it seemed like everyday something else would happen. Then I realized that my negative way of thinking was the cause of most of my problems. I decided that it was not worth it. I know that life is too short to go around and never look at the beautiful and good things. Once I started to change my way of thinking, things started to fall into place. I was able to enjoy life more because I knew that even though there were some hard times, I still had my mom and although things have changed, they could have changed a whole lot more. Also, because I had a more positive outlook on life more positive things started happening to me. I was able to make more friends and was able to finally have fun, because I was no longer sad and out looking for pity.

I believe that turning negatives into positive, or just looking at the good things in life instead of searching for the bad, can really determine what will happen.