This Is What I Believe in

Chance - Las Cruces, New Mexico
Entered on April 28, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: carpe diem

I believe in living in the moment, riding past everything that worriers me with the last thing on my mind is the speed limit, how everything just breaks down with the sound of my motorcycle. When I feel the wind restrain me, it makes me want to ride faster, and faster, until my mind melts away. How my mind can wash out, but yet, I can stay so focused.

I own a brand new KTM, XCF 250cc, four-stroke, 2009. It is one of the best bikes out there, great for racing, but for now, I just practice. Before, I owned a Yamaha, YZ, 125cc, 2-stroke, 2001. It had broken down because the engine had some dirt in it and it scratched the cylinder. My dad and I were planning on boring it out, but the piston rod snapped, and the price of the things was just as expensive as the bike itself.

I like riding by myself, when all you have to worry about is you, where no one is judging you. Where no one is edging you to go a little faster, or go a little higher. There is only you, pushing your own limits, how you learn every time you do it over and over, learning from your mistakes.

With learning comes mistakes, and sometimes those mistakes can really be costly, and with making a mistake on one of those KTM’s can really be very expensive. My KTM costs a pretty penny. It actually costs a couple of those pretty pennies. Every time I wreck it, I turn into a complete over-reactive maniac. I’m always worrying about money when it comes to my bike. Even when I am riding, I worry about that, it haunts me. Like even before common sense, I think about money. Now it is not that bad because if I had my old YZ, I would be dead, or close to being dead, because I would take more chances with the old cheap bike.

It’s when people say that the only thing keeping me alive is common sense, and I laugh and say no, it’s the money. Although I believe in living in moment, something else holds me back, the money.