Nationwide connection

James - Falls Church, Virginia
Entered on April 28, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

By living in a community where internet is very common, i believe everyhome should come with internet connection. Having such an advantage could enable many students to get their work done as well keep entertainment at most. Having to pay for internet should only be for brand name connections such as Verizon or Vonage. If each house was to have internet, it should be hooked up with the least powerful and fastest connection; that way everyone has some type of connection with each other. Students, such as I, that don’t have internet at home are forced to do homework at schools and libraries. With that limit, it makes assignments tough to be done on time. To get a better understanding of today’s technology, free internet would be a great advantage for younger children that has the latest online toy. Learning today’s teachnology is an important part of everyone’s daily skills only because most of the work being done today is computer based. This I belive would be a great benefit to the American society as well as the economic crisis.