Ups and Downs

Sheridan - Shawnee, Kansas
Entered on April 27, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

God makes things happen for a reason. Not everybody’s life is perfect. I think since He loves us so much, He gives and takes away things. The Lord wants me to trust that He made a purpose for me. I strongly believe anyone will have doubts about God but will find out through their doubts that they will grow closer to Him.

I didn’t always know the person who died; it was still hard sitting through a funeral or a wake. My teammate’s grandpa had died, and I wanted to help her through her sadness. I went to the wake, and teardrops fell down my face like rain in a thunderstorm. I didn’t want to go to another wake again. Yet, something else had happened a week later. My teacher’s mom died because of old age, but they were expecting her to die soon. My seventh grade class went to that together. I wanted to support her. Eighth grade was tough. Two of my classmates’ parents had passed away. That was more difficult than anything. “Why would God do such a thing?” I wondered. After all this happened, a friend’s stepbrother died. I couldn’t believe why all this was happening. I was second guessing everything. High school was just around the corner.

I chose to attend St. James Academy. I didn’t know what I was getting into, but I knew I wanted to learn more about my faith. As I’m going through my freshmen year, I played with varsity volleyball and junior varsity basketball. Through those two sports, I grew spiritually with God and mentally with my teammates. While at St. James, my classmates and I are growing closer to each other and Christ. My theology teachers are wonderful and make learning fun. I am having the time of my life.

God had made me realize that everyone has great times and bad times. I had hit my miserable time; I questioned God and what His plan was for me. I figured out that God organized this to make me who I am today. I had to become strong for my friends and family. I noticed through my bad time came my joy. I had to work through my struggles, while keeping my faith, to earn what I wanted. Now today, I trust that God took those lives because He wanted to teach me a lesson of trust.