This I Believe

bernard - nashville, Tennessee
Entered on April 27, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: humanism

I believe one day all will be right with this world and its people. I believe that the human race will learn from the mistakes that have been made from the past in order from to preserve our future.

As humans are we make mistakes on a daily base. But, I believe that the selfishness and greediness mistakes that are being made on a daily basis will come to an end. One day our mayor, governors, and presidents will start thinking with their brains and not with their pockets. Along with the US leaders, all nations’ leaders will take follow and place greed and power aside.

I believe that one day our poorer countries will get the right help from its big brother countries. The people of the countries will finally get the right education that they so badly need. Not only that but this countries will finally be able to have enough food, so now they want have to worry about living day to day on little scraps of food. Also all countries will have access to medicine at no cost

I believe that we as human’s beings will stop killing our planet. The realization of dwelling oil and air pollution will hurt our planet more so than help our planet. One day all of the nations will join together to figure out a way to stop relaying on gas and start using battery power and solar power for transportation. Also recycling will become a major priority for every country.

I believe that wars will finally come to an end. Finally there will be a time when the human race will stop hurting each other. We as humans will come to our senses and realize losing loves one is not necessary for peace. Because our leaders will lead with the right mind set and not just for money peace can finally be made.

I believe in order for this to be possible the human race must be face with complete destruction and near extinction. Because one doesn’t learn from their mistakes until one is down at the bottom. Anytime you reach the bottom that’s when a person finally understand that using the right logic is the only way to come up and overcome.