Two completely different places.

Nicole - Arizona
Entered on April 27, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

My name is Nicole. I’m only fifteen and I’ve experienced a lot more than any other average American teen has. My whole family including parents are from Bulgaria, Europe. So I’ve grown up knowing two languages, Bulgarian and English. My brother and I are born in Phoenix, Arizona. Both of us have lived in the US until 2004. When I was in fourth grade my parents decided that we needed to move to Bulgaria to see the difference.

So we moved to Europe which was a dramatic change for the whole family. My brother and I ended up living there for four years. It was hard but it helped us in the future. Our parents left us to live with our grandparents. While we were there they were in the US to make money. The other two years my parents lived with us in Europe.

Those four years changed me in a positive way, I gained more self confidence, I learned much more in Bulgarian school than I had in US school, I learned how to stand up for myself without the help of a teacher. I learned many things there. I always compared both places. And I found out that both have their negatives and positives. A person that’s lived all their life in America and hasn’t seen or gone any where else wouldn’t see the difference neither would a Bulgarian person understand the difference as well.

Both countries are different and special in their own way. While I was in Bulgaria I had seen very unpleasant things, homeless people, dogs, holes in the streets, no organization, people constantly arguing over the smallest detail but then again families always have time to get together on special occasions, they have more free time, kids there go out more and don’t just stay in front of the computer all day, the distances are small so you would be able to walk to take the tram and will be at the mall in less than 30 min. America also has its negatives, many grown ups don’t have time for themselves, a person would at least have to drive an hour to go to a café, there’s no time for anything or anyone, but it is very organized, strict, and a person can feel safe.

So you’ve heard my side of the story but a person would have to experience it to feel it. So my belief is that if a person wants to have an open mind they should live abroad for couple of years.