Reasons for Goal Setting

Anissa - Magnolia, Arkansas
Entered on April 27, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

The trials and tribulations in life made me believe in goal setting. Fulfilling my dreams in life is not always easy, but I rely on goals to help me reach my dreams. As a result, I usually succeed.

Goals help me to plan ahead. A major factor in achieving a goal is using time wisely. For example, an ant realizes that time is a very valuable resource; therefore, it is constantly working to store up food for the future. As a result, the ant is always prepared for each season of the year. I constantly reflect on the ant’s example to remind myself that I should be constantly establishing goals so that I can always be ahead in today’s world.

Goals also prepare me to be successful. Being successful is defined in different ways, but the basic meaning is that a successful person obtains something desired or intended. Having a job, house, car, and enough income to support my family is something I always strive to achieve; therefore, my goal of going to college will contribute to my being successful. However, jobs, cars, and income are not the only things that help me be successful. I also look to my personal relationship with my heavenly Father. My relationship with God has allowed me determine what He thinks will make me successful. As a result, I am not only successful, but I am truly happy spiritually.

Goals assist in making my dreams become reality. Overall, without goals in my life, my reality will never be what I have hoped and dreamed for. Goals allow me to create a step-by-step plan to make my dreams come true. For example, I always dreamed of getting married someday, so I started educating myself about the roles of a wife. I began learning how to cook, clean, and do laundry. I tried to look at the wonderful example by mother set as being a good wife, and I imitated her. As time passed, I began to search for a mate. Putting the skills I had learned into practice, my dream came true; I found my significant other. The life experience taught me that anything is possible with the help of goals.

Goals help me to believe that I can and will be a valuable citizen in the world someday. Goals help me to realize that nothing is unreachable in life if I put forth effort in making my dreams come true. Goals are like roads; they can take me anywhere. Therefore, I firmly believe goals are my motivation.