The Sports Fan

Jake - Norfolk, Virginia
Entered on April 27, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: sports

I love the month of April. It is probably the best sports month. You have the NCAA Final Four, first month of baseball, NFL Draft, and the start of the NHL and NBA playoffs. Oh yeah, April is also Formula One and WrestleMania month. With the NBA playoffs underway, my nights consist of keeping one eye glued on the games on TV, and the other eye on my laptop as I post on various sports message boards and frantically check the status of my fantasy team every 10 minutes.

Every year, from the middle of April up to the first week of June, I pull out my list of “White Lies I Don’t Want To Tell My Girlfriend But Have To So She Doesn’t Bother Me During The Playoffs” that I have been systematically revising over the years. I love my girlfriend like Michael Jordan loves to shoot series-clinching jumpers over Bryon Russell, but I just can’t stand it when she makes me drive her around town and maybe go shopping during game days. On Monday, for example, I’ll give her the “Oh, no… we can’t go because it’s supposed to pour all day!” line when she asks me to come with her to see the Kings of Leon at the