I believe struggle builds motivation

Raymond - Pawtucket, Rhode Island
Entered on April 27, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

Coming from a family of struggles only pushes me to become a better person. It has been almost a year with no heat and gas in my house. With only my father working we are struggling check to check to pay bills and the rent. My mother can’t work do to medical problems. I believe struggles can build to motivation.

Seeing barely any food in my refrigerator and cabinets makes me think of my future and maybe the family that will be in. I want to be successful and have a job with good enough pay to support myself and family. Having no gas within my household we have to take a twenty minute walk to my grandma’s just to shower. Even as a struggling student, I am still motivated to graduate and make a future for myself.

This is how I don’t want my future to be, living pay check to pay check struggling to support my family. I want to be able to pay my bills on time, take my family out to eat at fancy restaurants, and travel to countries I’ve never been to. Looking at how my life is now motivates me to graduate and make something of myself.

Even though I come from a struggling family they still do there best to support and take care of me. It motivates me when I see them try their best even in the worst situations. This inspires me to never give up even when I dig myself in the deepest hole.

Sometimes I tend to put myself in complicated situations. This year in English 12 I have not been putting forth the effort I know I can. This puts me in a tough situation because now in order to graduate I will have to earn an “A” for quarter four. Now that I have dug myself a hole I been working on climbing out by completing my assignments and putting forth the effort I know I can.

I believe in struggles can build to motivation. After I graduate high school I am looking forward to enrolling into CCRI for two years and transferring into a better college afterwards. Learning how to overcome hard times early in my life will easily help me prepare for future struggles.