Matthew - Springfield, Virginia
Entered on April 27, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

Throughout our lives we believe in a great variety of things from societal, religious, and personal beliefs. At times something you believe in comes true and you can feel content in our viewpoint. Other times, your belief is disproven and you are left to ponder at all of the wasted time and energy put into a faith in something that was not true. For example, most Christian children put a lot of faith and love into good ol’ Saint Nicholas. Then what happens, that bully in third grade was right! Worst of all, your belief may wonder aimlessly with no proof or denial ever found. I will not put my faith in anything unless I am certain. This is exactly why I believe in not believing.

Everyone should simply believe in what is true and only what is without a doubt fact. I will either be reassured when I figure it out which is great, however, if I never even had that belief I would just be discovering with no feelings of disappointment or frustration. Then, if a position I have stood by is disproved I am left with no sense of direction or understanding in the end.

People may spend years putting faith in something because it fills them with a great amount of fulfillment or content. However, is this really what I want, is this real pleasure? Therefore, these people who believe without knowing (because when you know there is no believing anymore) are simply reaching in the dark for something that may be real, or there could be a complete hole that the individual does not even realize is there. I choose to place my confidence in not putting my valuable trust in something that could be there because could is a very vague word. When I use the word could, belief has to come into play.

Now, I do not look at everything with an overwhelming negative outlook as a response to every question that enters my mind. Actually, it is just the opposite. I may want to or not want to believe it, but I refuse to take either side on any belief. I do not shut either side down because it is more beneficial for me to absorb and reflect on both views. The question is followed by more questions until I find my answer, or lack there of. It is perfectly reasonable for many of these social beliefs or religious views to be real and fact. The real truth is that I don’t know much of anything.

There is nothing wrong with not knowing or questioning some of the most controversial beliefs. So many things are force fed to me or embedded in my mind that I may not even know where it came from or why I think that way. I believe it is important to step back and revaluate the normal things in our society (within the law and reason). I believe in everything and nothing.