Is our food safe?

Savana - Las Vegas, New Mexico
Entered on April 26, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

Sometimes I wonder if the food is safe to eat or not? When I really think about what I’m eating I might not want to eat it at all. Although some foods may look strange, it’s hard to tell if it’s safe to eat. When people grow food sometimes the food isn’t always safe because the growers put pesticides, chemicals, and sometimes use manufactured fertilizers.

Some foods are not natural and they considered to be inorganic food. Organic fresh food is the best for me. Buying fruit and vegetables from locally grown gardens helps me to know that my food is safe to eat. I think that growers need to stop and think about the types of poisons they put on the vegetables and fruits.

No one ever thinks that eating produce that comes on big trucks from California can make them sick. Its not like these foods are being grown in our backyards, where we know what’s being sprayed on them. They put stuff like pesticides that can cause cancer and birth defects. I know this because I read articles at school about it. I know that whatever I put in my mouth is safe to eat

For health reasons I think that these large companies should stop putting harmful chemicals in the foods that we eat. Not every one knows how to find out if the food they are eating is health. There should be a law against people putting those harmful chemicals in our food.

The food is not always safe in the fast food restaurants. They have chemicals and things we don’t even know about. They say on the commercials that they have natural ingredients in their food but what is so natural about it. They put chemicals in their tomatoes, onions, and lettuce just to keep them fresh, but there not really fresh. I wish that people could stop putting harmful chemicals in food that I eat. I really want to know all the names of the things they put in our food. It is really important to me. I don’t want food that has chemicals in it. We don’t even know what these chemicals might do to us. I want to know what’s in my food. This is why I believe our food should be safe.