Daniel - Las Vegas, New Mexico
Entered on April 26, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

Everyone should stop and think about just how wasteful they are. If you and I only take what we need, instead of what we want, then maybe we would not have such a large amount of people going hungry. How we all waste food is we take more then we need and sometimes even more then we want. My question is, why can’t the world just change the way that they eat? And this is my answer, people sometimes eat because they’re sad, and they’re sad so they eat. The purpose of eating is to get the nutrition and vitamins needed to have a healthy body not to stuff your self.

I need to change my way of living, and my way of eating too much food! I am standing for what I think I’m capable of doing. What matters to me is that I try so hard to change but I still find it hard to do. I’m sad because all I can do is sit in a corner and try to change it, but it doesn’t work.

One example of when I was a glutton was on Thanksgiving Day. I was very wasteful when I over filled my plate with food. I guess I thought that I should take as much as the adults did. Boy was I wrong! The Majority of the food ended up in the trashcan. Now that I think about it, I could have feed another person with the food I threw away.

At this point in my life, I have not gotten serious enough to do anything about my wasteful ways. There is nothing more precious then human life, nor is there anything more scarier than a human soul.

Plus McDonalds super size me is not helping. I believe that the beliefs of one person can make a great change. And now I’m standing for what I believe. I believe that we should stop being such a glutinous country. I believe that we should stop gluttony which will help stop starvation. I believe that we should stop wasting food. I believe that we can make a change for the world, for you, and every one else. I believe that we should stop wanting more and start caring more for others who are less fortunate. . I believe that any man who stands for what he believes in can make a great change. I believe that we will do it one of these days, it may not be today but we will get there.