Patricia - Crossville, Tennessee
Entered on April 26, 2009
Age Group: 65+

It was not too long ago that the average human lived only until about 50 years of age. Females were separated into 3 groups: Child, Woman, & finally Crone when their reproductive years were over. Since we live much longer now, I prefer the 4th group for women called Guardian when we have lived long enough to have formed observations & ideas that we like to share with others to save them from making the same mistakes we made.In my 76 years of living, I’ve observed that there are 3 things that ALL humans require to lead balanced, productive, healthy, happy lives. I call them the THREE A’S:They are Acceptance, Approval, & Appreciation. We all need to know that we are accepted for who we are by other humans, that what we do, say, & think meets other’s approval, & that our efforts are appreciated. Remember how excited you felt when an idea or something you made was accepted, approved, & appreciated? If we would remember that all of us need the THREE A’S to thrive, we would enjoy the pleasure of giving something necessary to someone so then we would experience the wonderful feeling that happens when we help others. It could be as simple as giving someone a pat on the back, a smile, & words of commendation for a job well done. Try it: You’ll like it so much, it could become addictive & change the direction of your life!

Thank you for allowing me to express what I’ve been thinking & wanting to share. Keep up the good work!