i Believe in Miracles

Samantha - Las Cruces, New Mexico
Entered on April 23, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

I Believe in Miracles.

I have lived with my dad my whole life, but I used go to my mom’s house every Saturday when I was in New Hampshire. When I was eight I moved to New Mexico so my dad could get married. That summer I went back to stay with my mom for the summer.

I haven’t seen her since that summer. We completely lost contact about three years ago. But a few months ago in January I was on MySpace looking at my messages when I got a Friend Request. I looked at it, it was my mom! It was a miracle!

It’s now April and my dad’s been talking to her. He told her that I wanted to live with her. She said that she’d love for me to! She is now looking at houses so I can move in.

When I move I will miss my friends, dad, boyfriend and my lizard Sandy. I will miss my friends because they are like my sisters and my brothers. I love every one of them like family, and it’s really hard to leave your family. My closest sisters are Brianna, Shakiah, Ali and a very important friend to me, my other Briana. I want to mention their names because they’ve always been there for me and I’m going to really miss their help.

I will miss my dad; he has been there for me for thirteen years. I am really going to miss coming home from school every day and seeing my dad waiting for me to come home. I told him a lot about me the past few months. I told him that I am openly bisexual and that I used to cut. He now accepts me for who I truly am and not what he thinks I am.

I will probably miss my boyfriend (Daniel) the most. I have been dating Daniel for almost two months. I said that my friends are like my family; he is like my husband. I used to imagine us growing up together, getting married, having kids and growing old. Now that I’m leaving, I don’t think that’s ever going to happen, but he says we will always be together by heart. I believe him. I see him every day, even on the weekends and during school. I’m going to miss seeing his face at least once a day.

Briana has been my friend for more than a year; she means a lot to me. She is my ex-girlfriend, yet my best friend. We tell each other everything. When I leave, I won’t be leaving a friend, I will be leaving a sister.

Before I leave I just want to say that miracles do come true, and if you believe hard enough, they might come true, you just have to be patient.