This I Believe

Veronica - Los Angeles, California
Entered on April 23, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: work

“I believe that hard work pays off”

I believe that hard work pays off if you try your best. If you don’t love something, then don’t do it. Everyday I come to school I see people messing around not caring about school and wasting other people’s time.

And I agree with Ray Bradbury because it’s true hard work pays off. I used to be the girl that never went to class were always making problems and gave others a hard time. My family use to tell me that I wasn’t going to make it through High School if I didn’t straighten out.

I cared less of what my family told me because I was always in a bad mood. But once I realized I was doing wrong thing even though my family told me it was almost too late. I told them I know I could do it just believe in me. And the only one who did was my Uncle Gabriel the rest stopped arguing with me.

NOW! Am at school struggling to get good grades and pass my classes, am taking full responsibility right now because am in a relationship barely three weeks. But other than that I’m a good girl because I know am smart and am proud of who I’m and where I come from. It’s kind off hard to see your friends graduate and me behind just to try and be cool. Am a very intelligent girl because I don’t give up I don’t stop until I get my work done.

My mom somehow is going to be proud of me once I walk through that stage. I know on me I want a good future because that’s who I’m. my hard work will pay off somehow and my family will be happy I did it. And like people say if you want to do good you at least need to try. And like my grand mother told me never let the fear strike you out from playing your own game. It’s hard trying to do good but teachers are not asking for the best work they’re asking at least for you to try that’s all they want.

And that’s why right now am very happy to be trying my best so I can just get this over with none of my family members finished school except two that’s all. And I want to be the third one to graduate and I want the family to be proud of me. I want my mom to say how proud she is of me of making it through High School and I want for my brother and sister to follow the same foot steps that I went though and yes of course we will always’ have drama in our lives. Maybe and I hope that when I graduate my hard work will pay off and hopefully I could be what I want to be.