Entered on April 23, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe

This I believe in my self. How can you not believe in a woman who

Made up her own? Birthday. I believe kids should respect their parents. I

Believe people should use fewer trees. I believe in magic. I believe love is

Everywhere. I believe that God helps us to have a good time. I believe war

Should not have started. I believe we live best in a Community. I believe

I believe people shouldn’t throw litter on the ground. I believe people should

Not smoke. I believe God is in good and bad. War should stop. I believe we

Can make peace. I believe that I always have a choice. No matter what I’m

Doing. No matter where I am. No matter what is happening to me. I always

Have a choice. I believe brothers and sisters should be kind to each other. I

Believe we should help the poor. I believe its okay to die but not to kill. I

Believe in my family. I believe in what I feeling. I believe what I think.

I believe that one day I will have money. I believe that I will go to college.

I believe that we are all the same in life. I believe that ever story has an end.

I believe hate is a cause for love. I believe that I will be someone in life.

I believe that my brother will come out from surgery find. I believe this

World will be better. I believe that I will finish high school. I believe I will

Be a better person in life. I believe in my self. That is what I believe. I

Believe in a second chance. I believe in a life long romance. I believe there

Is life after death and standing up to a life of mess? Believe in love at first

Sight I believes that revenge isn’t right. I believe that first impressions last

And there is nothing better then a good laugh. I believe to always look on

The bright side I believe that life is just one big ride I believe when I die

People will grieve but its ok because I believe. I believe in my B.F PABLO.