Living With A Mission

Deanna - philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Entered on April 23, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: purpose

Life is a journey that we must all take. Though at times things get rough and it seems unbearable we must continue on in that journey. I believe that life should not be planned out minute by minute, however; I also do not believe it should be lived only in the moment. Though what I do believe is that we should all live intentional lives. An unintentional life is a pointless and reckless life. I believe that life should be lived with a goal while taking it as it comes day by day.

When I decided to come to college I made one of my first major choices. I did not just say to myself I am going to college and it happened just like that. When I made that decision it was followed by a lot of work. I do not come from a family or a community where in everyone or anyone went to college. Where I am from college is not an option but a privilege that few people attain, however; with my intentional decision I gained my privilege.

Each day of my senior year in high school I was filling out college applications, doing financial aid, and searching for scholarships, along with doing my school work. People told me that’s good but it will be hard but I made that decision and I had to follow through with the necessary requirements each day. Going to college was not just a goal that I set; it had become a part of my life. I lived each day working toward college not with college on my mind.

I used to love living in the moment. I woke up knowing that there are things that I must do, want to do, and should do however I had no real intentions. I used to say that I do not want to be bound by a schedule, however; I believe that I was afraid of failure. I did not set goals so I did not have to reach them.

The other day I went to a funeral and listened to the minister speak highly of the deceased and all they had accomplished. I sat there and thought what will people say about me at my funeral? Will they say that I accomplished many things or that I was just a free spirit that took life one day at a time? I would not mind being known as a person who took life as it came but I do not want life to takeover me as I come. I realized that I should be in control of my life and not allow my life to control me. I believe that my intentional mind set is the reason that I am now in college. Because a lot of people have dreams and goals however it is a life that is intentionally lived that will allow you to reach those goals. I believe that a purpose driven life is a life with a purpose.