Care Packages

Doc - mountain view (denver), Colorado
Entered on April 23, 2009
Age Group: 30 - 50

Growing up poor in East Texas in the 60’s. We were grateful for the school breakfasts and lunches. Often this was all we got to eat. We had to rely on the goodness of people we didn’t know. Often from churches we never attended. We got care packages at Christmas of clothing and shoes. It was through these acts of kindness that I realized my first experience of compassion. I can’t remember how old I was when I realized it, but I knew someone had reached out to us. They had somehow felt our pain. And it was really rather personal to me. Someone had reached out to me and my pain. And I recognized it as compassion. Ever since I was a little boy in Sunday School and I heard of the Golden Rule-I liked it, believed in it and live it every day. I believe it embodies compassion. I have worked with special needs people for years. I can’t recall how many times a total stranger has told me how they admire me for what they’d observed in us while working with one of my special friends. They often say they’ve benefitted and have been touched by compassion. I believe I have been honored to have played a small part in their growth. I believe compassion makes our hearts grow. I believe we all evolve a little when we realize that compassion makes our hearts and minds grow. I am heart warmed to be a small catalyst for compassion. I feel honored to be working with all my special friends and it warms my heart to be a small part of it all, in the big picture lesson of compassion. This, I Believe