People Learn From Their Mistake

kewei - Los angeles, California
Entered on April 23, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe I can learn from my mistakes because I have made mistakes. There was one particularly big mistake I made in my lifetime. Therefore, I don’t like to remember it. It remains a sad memory. Before my junior year, I always got F’s or D’s in all my classes. For instance, I always got F’s on English tests, but I never cared about it. I only cared about the score of my computer games. After that, I changed myself because I didn’t like to be failure. I had tasted failure, so I didn’t want to get F’s or D’s again.

Being in my junior year, I always got F’s or D’s in class. Although I got F’s or D’s in class, I never cared about it because I thought grades were not important for me. I scared my mom, and my mom yelled at me for a long time. My parents often told me that if I got F’s or D’s in the classes, then I wouldn’t go to college. They told me I should pay attention in class and do my homework carefully. When I read books, I didn’t know why I got a headache. Therefore, I never read books anymore. Although I didn’t get good grades in school, I could get high scores for computer games. Therefore, I thought computer games were more important than studying. But after my junior year, I changed myself. This was because my friends always worked hard. Jiayi Huang, my friend, always got A’s for all subjects, but I got F’s or D’s. I didn’t think she was smarter than me. I wanted to beat her; however, I had a lot of problems. I had to improve my writing and reading. Now I am very happy because Ms. Barbour, my English teacher, said that my writing has improved dramatically. I know that my writing is very weak, but I believe I will improve my writing. Actually, I must work hard to make up for my mistake I don’t want to regret my action again.

Although I had gotten F’s or D’s in my junior year, I will not get F’s or D’s again in my senior year. I believe I will be successful. When I am lazy and don’t pay attention in class, I will advise myself that I don’t want to taste failure again. I believe everyone has problems, but they can still overcome them. I also believe myself that I can overcome any problem what I had. I know I am not stupid; therefore, I can get good grades for all subjects. Although I have many problems, I am never scared by them. I believe I can do it because I know my family and my friend support me.