A School Religion Assignment

Ben - Sacramento, California
Entered on April 23, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that the math that you are forced to do in high school will never apply in the real world. I believe that because I have living proof that you don’t need math to have a good life. My friend’s mom has no idea how to do algebra 1, and his mom and family are doing perfectly well even in this bad economy. A lot of people were good at math when they had to learn it, but don’t use it anymore. For example, my dad he was good at math in high school – he actually brags about it to me and my sister, but when I ask him help me on my math homework he doesn’t remember any of it.

I believe that there is such a thing as heaven and hell. I believe this because when people die where do the spirits go? They can’t just stay in the ground until the world ends. They have to go somewhere and when they do go somewhere they have to split the good spirits from the bad spirits. I mean the thing you have been waiting for all of your life and then it still ends up the same way on the earth. I don’t think so. The criminals and murders have to go somewhere different from the good people. The good people have to be rewarded.

I believe that my mom’s homemade waffles are the best there is. I believe that because they have just the right amount of vanilla in the mix and just the right amount of eggs. When she makes her waffles, they are just right with fluffy goodness.

Even though I am only fourteen years old, I believe that these three beliefs will be with me my entire life.