It’s the Thought That Counts

Katherine - Edmond, Oklahoma
Entered on April 22, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in the little things. My belief originated in my mother, as she used to make me write thank-you notes when I was a young child. I often wondered how a little card of gratitude could be appreciated by a grumpy teacher or classmate. It wasn’t until later that I discovered how much it could make a difference.

One day when I was about eleven years old, I received a letter in the mail. I remember having a rough day at school (I was the age when I thought every small detail was the end of the world). I opened the letter and saw that it was from my cousin, Anna. She had taken the time out of her busy schedule to write me for no apparent reason – just to check up on me, I suppose. Her thoughtfulness warmed my heart, and my attitude changed. For the first time, I realized that small notes can really make someone’s day. That was the day I discovered my love for writing letters. Cards of reminders, encouragement, and thanks became my hobby, but I also learned that compassion isn’t confined to paper.

It’s not just simple cards that can make a difference, but other little reminders of love. Buying a stranger’s meal at the drive-through restaurant or throwing away someone’s trash are other ways to show people that I care. Perhaps all the small things can add up to be more than the big ones. I’d rather receive a pat on the back than a Lexus; a friendly smile worth far more to me than extravagant jewels. I believe that God called me to show my love to other people. Why would He create us with hearts if we were not meant to store love in them?

Now, I realize why my mom was so passionate about thank-you notes. Although she no longer calls up the stairs to make sure I have written them after the Christmas holidays, I still choose to show my gratitude toward other people. Maybe it will make their day. I choose to do the little things to show people I care. Do you?