This I Believe

Brad - Durango, Colorado
Entered on April 22, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe

I believe in respect and understanding. I think that being respectful of humans, animals, Mother Nature, and our world. I am a big hunter and that shows me in various ways, how, to treat animals. Doing that showed me to be respectful to animals in their place.

I was born and grew up respectful, or trying to be respectful. My family believes in being kind and considerate. Our beliefs are focused on being nice.

The first big game animal I shot, an elk, gave me a bunch of respect for animals and even nature at a whole. It gave me a whole new outlook and way of seeing things and learning how to respect wildlife.

I try to be respectful and thoughtful of all I do and how it could affect other people, animals, and life forms. I focus on being nice and respect other beliefs and lifestyles.

Whenever I go anywhere public, including school, I try to hold doors for people, help pick up things that they might have dropped, or any other thing to help people out. No one asks me to do it; I just do whatever it is to help him or her out. It is a part of my life to try to help people out.

One day my family was at a restaurant and a woman dropped her purse. Money went everywhere and a man walked by and kicked the woman’s change all over and laughed. As he walked out the door I bent down to help the elderly woman pick up all her change. When I did, I noticed she was in tears. Afterwards she gave me five dollars for helping her.

Is that right? Is it okay to treat other people like they are dirt, just because you might be having a bad day? I get disgusted when humans treat their equals like trash.