Aaron - Great Neck, New York
Entered on April 22, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: freedom

This I Believe

I believe in freedom. Without freedom why would we have choices, our lives would be settled. But we do have freedom. I have the choice to walk to school or take the bus; I have the choice between pizza and pasta; I have the choice to help people or cause problems. This I believe

Freedom in my e eeeeeeeeeeeeeeyes is the ability to make your own choices. Everyone cant make all the choices that come their way. But then again humans aren’t perfect. In America we have freedoms that people in some other countries don’t have, and people in other countries have some freedoms we don’t have.

As a thirteen year old boy, I don’t have too many freedoms. Like I can’t drive, vote, or get a job.But these haven’t stopped me. Many kids have done great things without these freedoms, so why can’t I.

A few years ago I heard someone younger than me became a brain surgeon. When I heard this I was shocked. This led me to believe I could do anything. Well I was wrong. But still anything can happen. And this I Believe.