I Believe in Talent

Kenneth - Romulus, Michigan
Entered on April 22, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: purpose

I Believe

I believe in a lot of things. My MAIN belief is that everybody has a purpose and a gift in this world. Everybody has something to offer. If no one has any talents and gifts, then there wouldn’t be any type of entertainment. No one would laugh, cry, play the piano, the drums, or any instruments.

There are a lot of great people who get paid for doing what they enjoy. They have careers including their talents. There would be a lot more poor and homeless people if they didn’t have careers dealing with their talents. Talents are sometimes all that a person could get by with.

My talent is music. I can play any instrument that you put in my hands. But it’s a part of a gift that not many people posses. People have a lot of knowledge with technology and know how to figure out electronics. My brother is one of those people. My brother can set-up any electronic that you need hooked up without even reading a manual and the instructions. Some people have the gift of mechanics—they can work on cars and motorized machines.

In conclusion, the reason that I think that everyone has a purpose is because everyone has something to offer and bring to the table.