friendships are a treasure

stephanie - Los Angeles, California
Entered on April 22, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

Friendships are a treasure

Friendships are something you remember forever. You remember your best friend from elementary who used to spend all your recess with. You remember your junior high friend who you used to talk to boys about with. You remember your friends because they are the ones you talk to about your problem. They are the ones who get you through though times. That’s why I believe friends are a treasure and a privilege to have.

My friends have always been there for me when I really needed them. I have had some tough times where I couldn’t have gotten through them with out my friends. When I was 9 years old my uncle died of a cancerous tumor to the brain. I remember the day he died my mom was crying hysterically because my uncle her brother had just died. That day was the saddest day for me and I remember crying when one of my aunts wouldn’t leave the mortuary home because she didn’t want to leave my uncle. Through all of this my friend Natalie was with me helping me through it. Even though we were young and she couldn’t give me advice she helped by just being my friend.

Almost a year after my uncle died my sister’s husband died at the age of 19 my sister was 8 months pregnant at the time. I remember the phone call to my house at around 3 am to tell us my brother in law was gone. We had just had one tragedy in our family we couldn’t handle another one. This seemed very sad to me that bad things always happened to our family. My best friend Natalie knew my brother in law and we were close to him. He used to take us to the park or to the movies so when I told her he was gone it was like I told her brother was gone she was as upset as I was. But our friendship got us through all of this we went to his funeral and we both were sad but we got through it.

I know many people take friendships for granted or take no importance in them. When you’re going through tough times your friends are there. When you have a small problem like breaking up with your boyfriend or a big problem like when a loved one dies. I think friendship heals the wounds that life gives us and that friends are meant to be treasured.