This I Believe

First Name - Williamsport, Pennsylvania
Entered on April 22, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: nature

I believe that people don’t give water the credit it deserves. Nothing beats cracking open an ice cold bottle of water on a hot summer day. Every once in a while, I will ask the question, “Hey do you guys want some water?” The response turns out to be, “No I don’t like water.” As hard as this is to believe, it happens.

Imagine cutting the grass on the hottest day in the summer. By the time every blade is snipped the cutter works up a big sweat and a bigger thirst. Having a dry throat will usually damper someone’s day. The best fix is to take a drink of the smooth ice cold fluid that over joys one’s soul. Along with the great feeling of water splashing one’s dehydrated insides, water can keep a person going. When partaking of a tall glass of cold water, the body is restored and ready for an epic adventure.

People often say that water doesn’t taste good. Sometimes no flavor is the best of all. Water can go with any meal and can be consumed at any time of the day. The possibilities of water are limitless.

Not only is water the ultimate quencher, there is a gigantic supply. There is more water than any other drink in the world. If somebody wants water, they can get it. Because of this super surplus, water is either free or fairly cheap. When going to a restaurant, one can get water for free. This can save dollars from the bill. As a poor college student, I have realized the importance of cheap necessities. Lucky for me, water is in the cheap category. I can stock up on water for only a few dollars and stay hydrated all week.

Finally, water has another purpose. Other than a drink, water can be used for relaxation.. It has the ability to cool you on a hot day and warm you on a cold day. Water helps people feel good and when people are happy things just go better.

Overall I believe that water deserves more credit. Water does nothing but serve people everyday. It is almost impossible to admit a dislike for this wonderful hydrating substance.