This I Believe

Justin - Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania
Entered on April 22, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: sports

Lifting is forever

Lifting is the most aggressive, amped up, testosterone filled activity that I love doing. It is my favorite hobby because it is an activity that allows me to be in control of everything that I do; I know every variable about what is being done so there are never any surprises. I enjoy the physical activity of building muscle and burning calories, it is a great way to try to get in shape. I also think that lifting is the best hobby because I can do it every single day of the year, as opposed to other hobbies.

When I am lifting I am in control of everything that I do. I can use a high weight with low reps, to achieve bigger muscle mass, or I can do low weight with high reps, to achieve leaner more ripped muscles. I control the form that I use; by either having good form or having bad form, which can decide whether I am properly building muscle. I always try to use good form but sometimes the weight I am using is too heavy and I have to change my form to lift it. I can control the number of sets and reps that I do; all this allows me to try to achieve the type of body that I want, either a large body or a lean cut, body.

Lifting is a great way to build muscle and burn calories. Since I hate doing cardio I rely on lifting to stay in shape. Lifting builds muscle and burns calories. The more muscle that I have, the more calories that I burn while I am at rest, so the more muscle that I have the more calories that I burn. This allows me to eat more food to build more muscle, so I can burn more calories. So when I lift it makes my body function more properly and makes me feel better about myself. I feel like I’m healthier so that means that I feel better about my overall well being.

Finally, lifting is the best hobby because I can do it every single day of the year. I don’t need good weather to lift or day light. As long as the gym is open, I can go lift. It is cheap to buy a gym membership, so money is never a problem when trying to lift. The only day that I can’t lift is when I have been lifting for so many days in a row that my body is worn out and needs a day to recover, and when that happens, I know I have been lifting right.

These are the reasons why I believe that lifting is the best hobby. From the fact that I can do it year round, and never have to take a day off if I choose not to. To being able to control every variable during the lift, from the amount of weight I use to the number of reps I do, even the individual workouts that I perform. Finally, it is great for my body and it keeps me in shape, and I plan on lifting for many years to come.