This I Believe

Brian - Effort, Pennsylvania
Entered on April 22, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: carpe diem

No Regrets

I believe that every human being should live their lives with no regrets. I feel like it is important that people live their lives this way because life is only so long. If you live your life always regretting things in the past then you will never get through life happy. People who are regretting situations will have a stressful life. Ever since I can remember my parents always told me to never regret anything. I always took this as a way to live life. I also believe that living this way will make life much less stressful. People are always saying,” I shouldn’t have done that” and I don’t believe that’s how people should act. I think that people should forget about things that bother them and move on with life.

When I was younger my parents always told me to live with no regrets. They always told me everything happens for a reason. I took this seriously because I feel that is the best way to live. Life is only so long so people mind as well live it the best way they can. I would hate to live a life where I am always stressed so I chose to live with no regrets so things don’t bother me. I always felt that life was too short to always be worrying about things. I feel every human should live life the way it makes them happy. I believe that people should go through their lives with no regrets. I also believe that if they live their lives this way, then they will live a much happier and less stressful life.