This I Believe

taylor - lenexa, Kansas
Entered on April 21, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: citizenship

I believe that anyone should have a say, and the voice of the people needs to be herd. No matter what the topic everyone needs to have they’re say our country says we the people. Well, we the people do not want war and yet we are in one. The voice of the people needs to be heard by anyone and everyone thats listening. We see the country and life how it really is. With no true input, we are slowly losing what are country is about, “We the people.” If we the people have something to say should we get to say it? It’s billions of people saying something against one, we should be able to have a say in most things right? Wrong.

I believe that those who don’t think they have a voice, should be told they have one. All the people who think they don’t have a say because they are poor, Black Mexican or what ever they may be, need to be told you are the people; you have a say too. I am sick of the world tell ing people they can’t. Telling them they are not the same as me because i am rich, famous and have power. NO! We are equal whether you think that someone is less then you or not we all have a say; everyones opinion counts for something somewhere.

So this I believe is true that, “We the people” needs to be what our country is truly about. Everyone everywhere has a voice to be heard that can make a change. So since it is the year for change as Obama says, why not start with listening to the people, who know the country the best.