Samantha - Algonac, Michigan
Entered on April 21, 2009
Age Group: Under 18


Cody is a very nice dog. He is very important to me and my life. Cody will always be impotant to my life.

One cold winter day Cody and I were walking to a bridge that I like to call the Turtle Bridge. When we got to the bridge I went to my special spot and when I got in my spot Cody tried to get down too. I told Cody that he could not come down here too. Since it was winter I went down onto the pondish canal and when I got down I started ice skating. Then all the sudden I heard cracking noices.

The ice was cracking! I think Cody heared it too because he started pasing and whimpering. All the sudden the ice cracked under me and pieces of the ice were starting to chip off. Cody got in action and ran to me even though he was tied to a metal pole on the side of my special spot. He ran quickly to me and bit the back of my coat and started pulling me up. As soon as I got on the ground I hugged Cody and told him how much I loved me even though its possible he wasn’t lessoning to me I still told him how much I loved him.

Then we went home and I gave Cody what he needed and I had some Hot Cocoa.

From this day Cody is my dog.

I love Cody very much and I hope he will stay with me for a long time even though he can get on my last nerves I still love him. Cody insires me to be just like him. To be a hero!